The SCARBRO Caro Bowl season started with a hiss and a roar at Mission Bay with most of the hissing and roaring from the Champagne Bollinger Pompallier team.

It was the ‘Shelley Bryce Show’ with some vintage touches from the captain and experienced pro leading her young charges like a film director in search of an emmy in an impressive display.

The top doubles were taken conformably 6-2 6-2 in the next episode of the ‘Shelley Bryce Show’ with Pompallier also taking 7-6 7-6 the second doubles.

The ‘Shelley Bryce Show’ rolled on with Shelley showing some supreme tennis with a conformable win in the top singles against a rusty looking Stacey Housley. All looked bleak for myemedia Mission Bay down 4-0 after Salema Taufa played some impressive singles.

Then in the match of the night with some aggressive tennis from both payers Dana Gray won a close 3 set match against Mikaela Davies much to the delight of the merry band of local supporters.

Another late highlight was the impressive young talent of Davina Meza who was filling in for the injured Christine Foote. Her straight sets win gave myemedia Mission Bay a chance to cancel another re-run of the ‘Shelley Bryce Show’.